IMG_20130829_170415_178 (1)Just another person with an opinion. You know what they say about opinions, yes? Fall of 2016 I hit my 48th birthday, and my husband of thirty years, has informed me that that’s when I get to start saying “I’m pushing 50.” We have three grown sons, two daughters in law; and life seems to be about dogs quite a bit as of late. We’ve been self employed in the construction industry for 25 years, so much of what I relay comes with the bias of that fight. We all have our fights in our respective arenas, mine happens to be fighting to keep our business healthy, because there are employees who depend on the job we provide them with. The near future contains us moving from the Denver metro area, to a cabin in the mountains. Still working on the fine details of making that work for us.

I grew obsessed with narratives surrounding both politics, and the culture years back. It’s a unique dance to observe, and analyze. The saying of “Politics flows downstream from the culture” is accurate. Many years back at the advent of blogging, I jumped in and joined the conversation. Had some opportunities arise because of it, met some great people. Social media killed the blogosphere, and I’ve only dabbled here and there since that point. Social media, being piss and vinegar, did however present me with a great opportunity to host a daily AM radio show. I did that for about a year, but resigned for at least a half dozen different reasons. The fit wasn’t right for me, or the station; but I enjoyed doing it, and even more, met some fabulous people. Would I do radio again? Perhaps. It would have to be the perfect situation, and I doubt that exists.

I’ve been a fitness addict for many years, so I imagine I’ll post about those adventures on occasion. Living in my native state of Colorado, there are just too many delightful places to be to not get excited, and share that information.

I am a hard core classical liberal, but that didn’t happen overnight. It was a journey that took about two decades to reach fruition. Having grown up in a very conservative, religious environment, my embedded leanings were towards fringe conservatism. Observing life, raising children, truly studying our history, our accurate history, not the rubbish that’s fed to keep one in line; I grew in what exactly the mission of our founders was. The right is not honest with you about that history. The left? Well, I’ve yet to be convinced that it matters in their ideology. The duopoly, as we call them, both have one concern. Control. Control was not the intent of our founders, quite the opposite actually. That does not mean that I believe the duopoly to be inherently evil. I have close friendships with all shades of ideology, and at the end of the day, they simply believe that their approach is the healthiest. My type is the exception now. We’re mocked because we believe you have the right to make bad decisions for you personally, and that the government is not the Savior, taxing the hell out of you for the sake of “salvation.” There are very defined roles as to what the State can do. It’s my goal to try and point that out on this site.

I needed this website more as a diary for me. A place to drop my thoughts without the perils of social media. Please make sure you read the comments/contact section to understand why.